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Analysis In Action: Part Four – Information On The Fly

There have been countless articles/webinars/etc. about performance analysis when the processes are clear – But what about when you have to act on the fly? When opponents change & adapt to you in new ways which you haven’t seen before – Leading to parity or your own side being left completely off guard? In the…

Performance Analysis Guide: How To Contextualise Your Tactical Analysis

When working in football – Whether it’s coaching/analysis/etc. Outside of the general technical skills required to do your job at a high level, the most important (and useful) attribute one can have is the ability to communicate your information effectively and in a way which is actionable and effective. I’ve spoken on this topic a…

Getting The Most Out Of Training Sessions With Effective Analysis

When it comes to analysis, it’s easy to be blinkered and focused on the outcomes. In the context of high level sport, this is obvious: The match. Watch games, find flaws & strengths, and then draw conclusions from there. Make no mistake – matches and competition are where you can garner the most efficient data-points…

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